Rustic Sampler Hat Pattern

Rustic Sampler Hat Pattern

I love stitch and color work. I also was seeking something really different for my 5 hats in 5 days challenge. When I found this Rustic Sample Hat pattern for free on Ravelry I knew instantly this would be the fourth hat. I love this fun design! Of course, this hat is a stash buster too.

This hat is probably not a great beginner project unless you follow directions well and love a challenge. The techniques used in this sampler hat pattern are:

  • knitting cables
  • twisting stitches (for the twisted diamond section)
  • color work
  • three-needle bind off, and the
  • provisional cast on.

The yarns

I had bought a couple of skeins of Berocco Vintage in Indigo, a really soft and squishy, machine wash and dry, wool/acrylic blend earlier this year with the intent on making something for my son. I try to make everything for him in machine washable yarns because a college student needs easy care.

For the lime green contrast I used some Caron Simply Soft in Chartreuse. Simply Soft is 100% acrylic so it’s easy care.  I’m not particularly fond of this yarn. It has a lovely sheen and is available in a lot of yummy colors, but it has little stretch and is prone to splitting when working with it. I also find it fuzzes up even while working with it. In any case, since it’s only an accent and I have a ton of it, I decided to use it. While I’m not fond of this yarn, many of the people in my yarn groups absolutely love it.

Working the pattern

I would call this an intermediate level project. If you’re comfortable with cables you should be fine. The cabled braid section is worked sideways. This pattern uses two techniques that are used here that are not particularly common.  The first technique is a provisional cast on – this is done so the ends can later be woven, or as in this case, bound off together. The lime green yarn is the provisional cast on.  Here’s what the cable band looked like in progress.

cable band worked sideways

The second technique is the three-needle bind off. After removing the waste yarn from the provisional cast on, the two ends of the band are bound off together to create a strong and attractive seam.

Here’s what the 3-needle bind off looks like when done.

Closeup of seam on 3 needle bind off

The color work is easy and suitable for a first color work project. The color work sections are worked in a fashion I’ve not seen before. Two rows of color are worked using slip stitches for the contrast color, then two rows of contrast yarn is knit while slipping the main color. This is a lot easier than carrying both yarns across the row. This is exactly how the second color work section is done (the crown).  However, and this confused me, for the first color work section, the slip stitch rows alternate with knitting every stitch rows. Since I didn’t fully understand this at first, my first color work section is half as tall as it should be.  However, this didn’t create a problem for the finished hat.

One of the cute features is that the ties on the flaps are braided. I love this sort of detail.

Closeup of braid on sampler hat

In the end, it all worked out fine. Here’s the finished hat.

Rustic Sampler Hat - Knitted

The color pattern on the crown is also very cool.

Back view of Rustic Sampler Hat

I haven’t yet decided who gets this hat. I am pretty certain my younger daughter would love this hat and maybe my son.  Maybe I’ll make him one in another color. What do you think?

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