Domino Star Shades of Gray Afghan

Domino Star Shades of Gray Afghan

When I found the Domino Star Stashbuster Afghan pattern on Etsy I knew I had to make it. However when I found it, I was looking for an afghan pattern to use with the Cascade 220 yarn I’d just purchased. Plus this is a gift so I’m not sure how well a blanket this colorful would be received.  In any case, I knew I wanted to make this but adapt it to my needs which were:

  1. I’m using worsted weight yarn
  2. These are the colors I bought: 4 each of Charcoal Gray, Silver Gray and Natural plus 3 skeins of Jet

I’m assuming I’ve bought enough yarn and that a change of needles and gauge should still work out mathematically just fine. I need to figure out how I’m going to layout the different colors. Incidentally, I’m using Cascade 220, a lovely Peruvian wool yarn that is soft and squishy. Craftsy sells it for 35% off retail which makes this already wallet-friendly yarn much friendly to my budget. I bought a few skeins of another color so I’d hit the $100 mark for free shipping. Plus there’s no sales tax to Texas so I saved more than 40% off of purchasing this locally. Did I say I love Craftsy?

Planning the color layout

I enlarged the pattern in Adobe Acrobat and then used Window’s built-in Snipping tool to capture an image of the layout of colored sections. This way I can print a few (or use Photoshop) to plan the colors and create my own graph for the color layout.  Here’s what I created from the pattern:

Empty Domino Afghan graph

Decisions, decisions

I am going to use Jet in place of the black in this design.  That was the easiest decision.


I will use the Cascade 220 in Natural for the little diamonds and the center star.

Cascade 200 in natural

So I have two shades of gray to spread across the rest of the afghan. I sure hope I have enough yarn in all the colors!

Two shades of grey Cascade 220

So after playing around with the chart and colors, I decided I will arrange the colors per this version of the chart.

Gray Domino Afghan version 1 chart

This was the first runner up. It was a pretty close call but this version doesn’t use the yarn evenly and I’ve already made my purchase.  I don’t want to run out of one of the colors.

Domino graph 2

Getting ready

This easy afghan uses mostly garter stitch. The center star is done in stockinette stitch. You will need both double pointed needles and circular needles in the same size. I’m using a 5.5mm/ size 9 needle. I have a set of Knitpicks rainbow interchangeable needles I love. This set came with 24″ and 36″ cables but since I am making a larger blanket, I knew I might need a longer cable.  Since cables are inexpensive, I bought 48″ and 60″ cables. Knitter’s Pride cables fit Knitpicks needle tips and are available at my local yarn store so I bought one of each locally.

You’ll also need a bunch of stitch markers. I don’t like my markers to get in the way so I find a little contrasting color yarn works great.  I tied off a bunch so I was ready to go. In this pattern you’ll be marketing inner and outer points so you may find two different marker colors helpful.  I didn’t do this though. Here are my homemade stitch markers.

homemade stitch markers

Start knitting

The center star of my Shades of Gray Afghan took a couple of hours and initially it looks like a bubbly circle. Fortunately the pattern designer warns of this and recommends blocking it early in the project. She recommends blocking it after the second circle of dominoes.  I did it after the first circle. I wanted to see it. It came out pretty!  Here’s my afghan in progress, half of the way through the second row of dominoes.

Domino Star Afghan in Process

As predicted, the back is pretty too. A lot of the time, knitted afghans aren’t very attractive on the wrong side. It was important to me that this one be pretty on both sides.

This is the wrong side of the afghan

What do you think?  Do you like how the colors are coming together?

Stay tuned. I’m hoping to be done by the end of next week as the wedding is a week later.