Swirling Socks – An Easy Sock to Knit

Swirling Socks – An Easy Sock to Knit

Once again, my project was led by a gorgeous yarn. This time my inspiration is Cherry Hill’s Broad Band Supersock Self-Striping. Color is Blueberry Hill.

Cherry Hill Broadband Stripe

This fingering weight yarn is a bit heavier than other sock yarns and offers a 6.5 stitches per inch gauge instead of 7-8 inches like most sock yarn. I decided to capitalize on this by using a larger needle so they would work up very quickly. I could do a sock an evening with a size 2 needle and this stitch.

I also know these big fat stripes will essentially yield two different color socks.  I’m cool with that.

The sock pattern

Since this is only my second self-created sock pattern, I opted for an easy to knit design. This pattern is super easy sock to knit and it is suitable for beginners. It uses a 4 stitch repeat so it can be easily sized up or down. A slip stitch heel and rounded toe are featured. True to my preference, this design is worked cuff down on double-pointed needles.

The pattern is a simple 2 row repeat of 4 stitches. K2, SSK, Yo.  The second row is simply knit.  That’s it. The result is a lovely stripe that will swirl around your ankles with just enough texture to be interesting. The stripes on your foot are straight. There’s no fancy technique to changing stripe direction as the stripes are actually knit vertical but the fabric they create naturally swirls around your leg. This stitch will be best displayed in a solid color but a variegated yarn would work too, but the stitch details would be hidden.

Swirly stripe sock pattern

Once again, I am offering this pattern free of charge. Enjoy!

Swirling Stripes Socks free pattern

Swirling Stripes Socks on blockers

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