What I’m Working On – August 3, 2015

What I’m Working On – August 3, 2015

Like most avid crafters my list of projects on my “want to do” list is always longer than I have time. I’ve begun my holiday gift creating which I do all year long but I am also trying to create more original designs to share with you.  Last week I finished my latest pair of Vanilla Latte socks (free pattern) socks using Regia Galaxy yarn. These are going into my gift stash for one of my daughters. My girls just love handmade socks. My son, not so much.

Vanilla Latte socks made from Regia Galaxy

On to knitting baby socks

Then my very best friend announced the birth of her new grandson. I should have started knitting and crocheting for him a while back but I’ve been busy so now I’m on a role. I love knitting socks so that was the first thing I made. I went on the hunt for a basic baby sock pattern I could adapt to create something original. I found this cute and free pattern, Hunca Munca, on Ravelry which includes 3 designs. I made him a pair of the Rib and Twist socks. I used some of my leftover sock yarn.

In this case, I used the beautiful wool/silk/nylon, hand-dyed yarn I bought from FiberFangirl on Etsy. She assured me this yarn should machine wash just fine as the wool is superwash. I did block the socks to check for colorfastness and, to my surprise, they didn’t run at all so they should be fine in the washing machine.

Baby Hunca Munca socks


Pattern modifications

I used the short row heel as written in the pattern and decided I don’t like the look of the short row heel. So I decided to not do a short row toe and did a standard, wedge toe with a kitchener close instead. I think I’ll write a basic baby sock pattern as soon as I determine how many stitches and foot length for different sized babies, include a few stitch options and publish that here shortly.

A special request

I then heard from my friend that her daughter would like a crocheted weight lifting outfit as a photo prop for her new son. I searched for quite a bit and, with the help of a friend found this pattern on Etsy.

Crochet Baby Runner pattern

I will try to create my own pattern for the dumbbells, but if that fails I found a few options on Ravelry I can purchase. The red and white skeins of Red Heart Soft I have in my stash will work beautifully with this pattern. I’ll need to buy something for the dumbbells as what I have around in grey is wool that is not superwash. As these will be toys, they need to be super easy care and machine washable.

Adding more patterns to Pinterest

As I continue to create the best resource for crafting patterns on Pinterest, I have added 3 new boards this week.I try to source patterns from many places. All the links in my pins link to the original pattern source and have been tested to ensure they are good links. There is also a mix of free and paid designs so there should be something for everybody.

One is full of fun and unique items to make for the home that isn’t knitted or crocheted.

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It’s also time to start knitting for  the holidays. Start now or risk not having all you want ready in time.

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