About Us

I started knitting, crocheting and sewing as a young child. My mom tried to teach me but I was left-handed and she wasn’t so it didn’t work. When I was about eight I sat across from my babysitter as she knitted and I got it. A few years later I used a  book to figure out how to crochet. My mom was successfully able to teach me how to sew and by high school, I could make just about anything including suits and formal wear.

Over the years I picked up many new crafts – macrame, jewelery making ,weaving, soap making and so much more. I tried to teach my daughters but as a working mom, and again the sole lefty, this was hard. However both are very creative and then engage in passions of their own.

But the truth is that I failed to pass these needle arts onto my children. Perhaps, someday when I have some, I will succeed with my grandchildren. Our family is so common – mom is skilled in crafts she didn’t teach her children. This is one reason the prevalence of fiber arts is dying.  The easy availability of cheap clothing doesn’t help either.

Still I believe these arts are an important part of our heritage and should be preserved for future generations.

The Internet makes preservation of these skills pretty easy.  There’s a wealth of great websites, videos, patterns and inspiration out there.  All you have to do is find the best ones.  Then remember where they are. That is easier said than done and is why I have created this website.

My Life Made Crafty celebrates all forms of “do-it-yourself” at home crafts and arts. My goal is to curate some of the best of the best so you can learn or enhance a skill, find great project ideas or even just seek out inspiration.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


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